Wednesday, June 13, 2012

[PHP] Build Tool PHING: Windows XP XAMP error

I recently installed eclipse to use build.xml to build my PHP project. When I tried to build the project, I got an error message stating, “Build Failed. Can’t load default task list”
I searched in Google and found that I need to add include path for pear data folder in php.ini. Even after following through that and making the specified changes, the problem was persistent.
Then I started exploring the cause of error in phing folder php files. Then I found that some of the files were missing in phing folder inside PEAR directory (I first discovered file was missing in phing/tasks folder and then found many files missing)
Note: I installed phing using pear install.
I downloaded the latest stable zip package of phing from and replaced the folder named phing inside d:/xampp/php/PEAR directory with the phing folder inside classes directory from the downloaded file.
Once I completed the above step, I got another error message as “no Version.txt file found” when I tried to build the project again. To solve this, I copied “etc” folder from downloaded package and pasted it into d:/xampp/php/PEAR/phing folder. Once I did that, the problem was resolved and everything worked fine and I was able to build my project successfully. Hope this will help you if you get “Can’t Load Default Task List Error Message” in xampp/phing/eclipse.