Saturday, August 6, 2011

VI shortcuts Fasttrack

Let me summarize here with few vi commands for Fast reference:

Inserting text

esc + i insert text informant of the cursor
esc + a append text after the existing text
esc + O opens new line above the current line
esc + o opens new line under current line (insert mode)

Deleting text

esc + x deletes one character
esc + 5x deletes five charters
esc + dw deletes a word
esc + 5dw deletes five words
esc + dd deletes the whole line
esc + D deletes the line from cursor and forward
esc + d) deletes the sentence from cursor and forward
esc + d( deletes the sentence from cursor and backwards
esc + u undelete

Note: esc + d) or d( removes the sentence from cursor and forward/backwards
until it reaches a dot "."

Moving around in VI:

Make sure you are in command mode and the following letters will do:

j moves you down
k moves you up
h moves you left
l moves you right

Finding Text

Hit esc then type in a / you then go to the bottom of the screen
where you will see your / type in the text to look for.
ie. /Linux
that will find the word `Linux` in the open file.

Replacing Text

Hit esc and do: :start,stop,s/s_text/r_text/g

: indicates that this is an ex command
start is the starting line number
stop is the stopping point
s is the substitute command
s_text is the search string (the text you are looking for )
r_text is the text you are replacing with
g is global


Esc + :5,8,s/l/ll/g

This would replace all "l"'s with "ll" on lines 5 to 8.

Note to Replacing Text:
Line numbers can also be:
. current line
$ last line

Basic save & quit commands

Hit Esc and do a : where after you can type the commands.

w write (save)
q quit
! force

ie. :q! or :wq

To create control characters do:

Ctrl+V Ctrl+


Ctrl+V Ctrl+A

That will create a ^A character.

(These last 3 commands are very alike ed commands)

Another useful thing in VI is split-screen mode, so you can edit 2 files
at once, this is:


Just press Esc and type ":split".

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